The New RBC token

As web3’s leading Cross-Chain Tech Aggregator, Rubic has been constantly looking for new ways to both improve its offering while enhancing token utility.

As a major step towards this goal, Rubic successfully passed a ‘New Tokenomics For Rubic’ proposal back in 2022. This proposal unlocked additional token supply for the development of Rubic, along with a new tokenomic structure for the platform and its native token – RBC.

The current RBC token is created on Ethereum (ERC-20) and is listed on Uniswap V2, Kraken, ProBit, and MEXC.

Rubic’s contract address is

RBC is at the heart of Rubic’s ecosystem and thanks to the new tokenomics, has the following token utility:

  • Loyalty program to stimulate platform’s usage

  • Fee sharing mechanism via Staking

  • SDK subscriptions & Integration service fees in RBC

  • Grant programs for SDK integrators will be covered in RBC

  • Governance: Token holders can participate in decentralized decision-making

  • Distribution of partners’ airdrops to RBC holders

RBC Token On Arbitrum

We've added liquidity to the RBC token on Arbitrum, giving you new trading opportunities. Now you can easily buy RBC with lower fees directly on or on CamelotDEX, Arbitrum’s native DEX.

You can find RBC (ARB) on Coinmarketcap: (search for "Rubic" or use the contract address: 0x10aAeD289a7b1B0155bF4b86c862f297E84465e0).

If you hold RBC on Ethereum, you can easily bridge it to Arbitrum via the Rubic App at a 1-to-1 rate in just 10 minutes: To reverse the process, you can use Arbitrum’s official bridge on Rubic, though it'll take approximately 6-7 days or enjoy hassle-free cross-chain swaps from RBC on Arbitrum at

*Currently, RBC on Arbitrum is not supported by any CEXs.


As of now, the total supply is 157,755,001 RBC. Here you can find the latest mints split and the forecast for 2024: This document is regularly updated and publicly available.

The max supply that can be minted as per the new contract by 2028 is 1,000,000,000 RBC. However, this amount might never be minted, as the emission is driven purely by the project’s business needs.

You can check out the draft emission dates for 2024 here:

Explanatory notes:

Pre-seed holders - i.e. holders of the previous version of the RBC token.

Marketing: We expanded our user base 3 times in 2023, and for 2024 we also have aggressive growth plans – including massive user acquisition campaigns and major product updates. To successfully execute, these plans will require extensive promotion and hence a designated marketing budget.. We’re also planning to launch grants for integrators. The “Ecosystem growth” emission is currently locked and, therefore, can only be financed from Marketing.

Loyalty: The Swap to Earn program will be updated in 2024 and will include several new incentive mechanisms that reward referrals, staking and recurring usage of the platform.

Seed: potential investors. Seed emission is hard to predict timing-wise and therefore is not included in this forecast, but may happen.

Ecosystem growth: grants for Rubic’s integrators and promotion of our B2B tools. Locked till 12.12.2024.

Listing: the number for listing is a very rough forecast, as it involves negotiations, and therefore may also change.

Explanatory notes:

The date from which lock periods are calculated is 12.12.2022, the date of the token launch.

The locking and vesting periods will help prevent token price fluctuation (see the slide below for details).

Please note, that the slide above reflects the potential amount of tokens and their vesting periods. These tokens may never need to be minted if there’s no substantial business need (like new listing, liquidity, ecosystem development, etc.).

You may see that some tokens are already unlocked but still not minted - this means there was no business need for minting them. For more insights on potential mints, refer to the forecast here:

Retrodrop to Holders

Following the structure of Rubic’s new tokenomics, the Rubic team launched the much-anticipated RBC Retrodrop, a token distribution event that rewards our holders for their unwavering loyalty.

Discover details:

Staking and Fee Sharing

Rubic shares 50% of the earned fees via an ongoing Staking Program.

Rewards are paid in the native Arbitrum gas token — Ethereum, and the APR depends on multiple factors.

Currently, there is an option to join a 3-month staking period.

APR increases with the length of the staking period. For example, users who stake their assets for a 6-month period will get more revenue in those first 3 months than users who choose to stake only for a 3-month period.

In recent months, our APR has fluctuated between an impressive 25% and 100%. View the latest rate in the app.

In 2024, Rubic will be updating its Staking program. This will include new Staking incentives along with new incentives for using the Rubic platform more often.

At Rubic, we're revolutionizing the world of decentralized finance by focusing on our core principle: making cross-chain transactions seamless, secure, fast, and cost-effective.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Rubic Community Treasury address:


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