Rubic Cross-Chain Protocol has an ERC-20 token, «RBC», which is used as the fuel for the Protocol. There are RBC(ERC-20), BRBC(BEP-20), and wRBC(pos) tokens.

RBC token utility

  • Governance
  • Staking pays in RBC
  • Liquidity Providing

Initial RBC token distribution

• 10% of tokens are reserved for the team. All tokens are locked, and every 3 months they will be unlocked by 2% (over a year).
• 8% of tokens are directed at conducting marketing and bounty campaigns. 4% of tokens are frozen for 4 months.
• 8% of tokens are distributed to MyWish holders and will be unlocked every 3 months by 2% (over a year).
• 66% of tokens are put up on the market.
• 8% of tokens are allocated for Uniswap Liquidity.
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RBC token utility
Initial RBC token distribution