Rubic Discord Roles


Welcome to the exciting world of Rubic, where exploration, adventure, and rewards await!

Rubic Explorer, Zealy Ranger, and Galxe Hunter are new, unique roles within our community that you can attain by participating in unique quests and activities.

Each role comes with its own set of benefits, granting you access to exclusive information, campaigns, and opportunities. For the ultimate status, we present to you the coveted top Rubichad role, that you can receive by getting all three prior-mentioned community roles.

Be ready to embark on this journey and claim your place among the Rubicans!

  1. Rubic Explorer - Reading Articles and Claiming NFTs on Mirror Rubic Explorer is a role or achievement within the Rubic community that can be obtained by claiming specific NFTs on the Mirror platform.

How to Claim:

To claim the Rubic Explorer role, users need to read at least two articles on the Mirror platform ( and claim at least 2 NFTs. The role can be claimed at our community.


As a Rubic Explorer, you will gain access to a limited-access channel where you can get insights into the development progress and future plans of Rubic. This exclusive channel provides valuable information and updates about Rubic's initiatives.

  1. Zealy Ranger - Earning XP and Claiming Roles Zealy Ranger is a role or achievement within the Zealy platform that can be obtained by earning a sufficient amount of experience points (XP) and claiming the associated role.

How to Claim

To earn the Zealy Ranger role, users must accumulate enough XP to reach level 5 on the Zealy platform. XP can be earned by participating in various activities at

Upon reaching level 5 and earning enough XP, users can claim the Zealy Ranger role directly on the Zealy platform.

Benefits: As a Zealy Ranger, you will enjoy privileges such as special campaigns for the Zealy users and exclusive chats with Rubic team!

  1. Galxe Hunter - Claiming NFTs on Galxe Galxe Hunter is a role that can be obtained by claiming 2 NFTs devoted to Rubic’s campaigns on Galxe (

How to Claim: After claiming 2 NFTs, you can claim your role on our community page.

Benefits: As a Galxe Hunter, you will gain access to a limited access channel where you will be the first to know about upcoming blockchain campaigns, interesting earning opportunities, and exclusive information about potential airdrops. This channel provides you with insider knowledge and early insights into awesome opportunities.

  1. Rubichad - Collecting All 3 Community Roles

How to Claim: By collecting all 3 roles, you can claim the final Rubichad Discord role. This claim will be available on our community:

Benefits: By attaining the Rubichad role, you will have the privilege of direct contact with Rubic team members.

Additionally, this role will provide you with extra SwapToEarn coefficients, enabling you to complete swaps at Rubic with even greater benefits. Besides that, every 1-2 months, you will have the opportunity to participate in meetings with a team member, where you can ask any questions you like and gain deeper insights into Rubic's vision. Additionally, as a Rubichad member, you will have exclusive access to participate in RBC raffles, increasing your chances of winning valuable rewards and prizes.

Thank you for being an essential part of the Rubic family, and we look forward to witnessing the contributions you will make along with the heights you will achieve as a Rubichad. Keep exploring, keep earning, and keep shining as a beacon of excellence within the Rubic Ecosystem!

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