Why Rubic?

1. Flexible fee model:

Integrators may chose one of the models that works best for them.

  • Flat Fee

  • % Of Transaction Volume

  • Combination Of Flat & % Of Transaction Volumes.

We can collect fees in the native source chain tokens (gas tokens) - for flat fees per each transaction (amount is up to you). Therefore, you end up having more robust and less volatile tokens to deal with in your revenue pot.

We can also charge fees as % from transaction volume, or as a combination of both - then you will get fees in the token to be swapped to.

Rubic offers integrators to share total fees on a 50-50 percent basis. Sometimes this might be discussed if it makes sense for both parties. After the integrator provides a wallet address to collect fees, Rubic does the set up so it happens automatically and the integrator can see how much they earned at any time.

2. Much bigger ecosystem of chains, DEXs, bridges:

We integrate other aggregators and our integrators get access to all these ecosystems.

3. Fast Integrations

We are very fast in adding new popular chains and can prioritize chains in your pipeline.

4. Dedicated support for your team and your users

If there is any cross-chain swap issue, we are here to resolve and keep your users happy.

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