Rubic puts security and transparency first. Therefore, we are trusted by many users, major platforms, and influential companies in the crypto industry.


Being an aggregator, Rubic ensures security via automated monitoring and switches off transactions to a corrupted service immediately.

Rubic has 24/7 Live Support on Telegram, Discord, and built-in on our website. Also, we have a convenient auto-refund policy. In the case of specific transaction failures, Rubic’s team will complete your refund in the form of USDC tokens in 24 hours.

Open-source Software

We’re built on open-source software: Our site, validators code, and smart contracts are publicly visible for maximum transparency (Github).

Rubic Audits

Rubic’s Cross-Chain Protocol was audited twice:
Rubic’s Cross-Chain contracts have been audited by the CertiK team in November 2021, and gained a security score of 96.
Rubic’s Staking smart contract has been successfully audited by the Fairyproof team in December 2021.


Rubic has also won grants from major blockchain platforms, such as:

Our Product in Numbers

$250,000,000+ Accumulated Transaction Volume
50,000+ Unique Users
80,000+ Social Media Followers
Our token, RBC, is trading on Tier 1 exchanges, e.g. Kraken.

Media Coverage

Rubic has been supported by numerous crypto media outlets and influencers:
and 50 more
All the stats for Rubic are available and tracked online by many crypto services and aggregators, such as:
and 10+ more


The Rubic team has 20+ members. Our founders have large amounts of experience in the crypto space - starting in 2017 - and you can follow them on their socials. Check out LinkedIn or Twitter.