Rubic puts security and transparency first. Therefore, we are trusted by many users, major platforms, and influential companies in the crypto industry.

Our Product in Numbers

  • $249,000,000+ Accumulated Transaction Volume
  • 40,000+ Unique Users
  • 70,000+ Social Media Followers
Our token, RBC, is trading on Tier 1 exchanges, e.g. Kraken.

Open-source Software

We’re built on open-source software: Our site, validators code, and smart contracts are publicly visible for maximum transparency (Github).

Rubic Audits

Rubic’s Cross-Chain Protocol was audited twice:
  • Rubic’s Cross-Chain contracts have been audited by the CertiK team in November 2021, and gained a security score of 96.
  • Rubic’s Staking smart contract has been successfully audited by the Fairyproof team in December 2021.


Rubic has also won grants from major blockchain platforms, such as:
  • Polygon
  • Harmony
  • NEAR
  • Celer
  • Telos
  • Symbiosis


We continuously enhance the ecosystem around Rubic, built on our Cross-Chain, Widget, and SDK technologies. There are now 50+ active widgets and SDK projects in our ecosystem.

Media Coverage

Rubic has been supported by numerous crypto media outlets and influencers:
All the stats for Rubic are available and tracked online by many crypto services and aggregators, such as:


The Rubic team has 30+ members. Our founders have large amounts of experience in the crypto space - starting in 2017 - and you can follow them on their socials. Check out LinkedIn or Twitter.


Rubic has 24/7 Live Support on Telegram, Discord, and built-in on our website. Also, we have a convenient auto-refund policy. In the case of specific transaction failures, Rubic’s team will complete your refund in the form of USDC tokens in 24 hours.