Rubic is a Cross-Chain Swap Aggregator which allows you to swap any of 15,000+ assets, on
 and between 12 blockchains in one click.


Every day, 3+ Million DeFi users waste hours and hundreds of dollars on fees migrating between blockchains, switching between DEXs, and using bridges.


Cross-Chain Swap Aggregator allows users to swap more than 15,000 assets between 12 major blockchains: Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Smart Chain, Avalanche, Moonriver, Fantom, Harmony, Solana, Arbitrum, Aurora, NEAR, and Telos; in one place, with a simple and intuitive UI.
For example: You can easily swap BNB to QUICK or LINK to CAKE.

Business Model

We charge a 0.3% commission for all Cross-Chain Swaps. 0.2% of this fee goes to Staking and Liquidity Providing, and 0.1% of it goes to Rubic.
Rubic also charges up to 0,3% for On-Chain swaps using our Widget on reffered projects' websites.

Trading Volume

Rubic's trading volume exceeds $249M over the last 9 months.

Rubic's Plans

Rubic is like the Amazon of crypto. We combine all blockchains and DEXs in one place, while making all swaps as simple as one click.

Three strategies to reach mass adoption:

1. Blockchain Integrations. In 2022, Rubic has already integrated the following blockchains, alongside all previously mentioned integrated networks:
  • Arbitrum
  • Aurora
  • NEAR
  • Telos
2. Widget and SDK Integrations
  • Rubic’s Widget is a Cross-Chain iFrame solution which allows users to utilize all the features of Rubic without having to leave the website.
  • Rubic’s SDK is a fully customizable whitelabel Cross-Chain solution, which allows users to utilize all the features of Rubic without having to leave the website.
  • The Rubic Referral Program allows users to earn on fees from swaps through widgets, as well as receive fixed rewards for each successful widget integration on the websites of referred projects.
3. Marketing
  • Massive ad campaigns
  • Trading campaigns
  • Cross-promos with partners
  • Influencers support
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