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Rubic is a Cross-Chain Tech Aggregator for users and dApps.
Our vision is that Rubic’s new umbrella SDK will aggregate the best Web3 cross-chain tech - from signals and oracles, to tokens and NFT bridges, in ready-made templates for DEXs, Lending/Farms, and more. This will help developers easily make their Web3 dApps cross-chain, regardless of what their function is.
Right now, Rubic aggregates 60 major blockchains, 90+ DEXs and bridges, and enables swapping of 15,500+ assets with the best rates, highest liquidity, and transaction speeds - in one click. Users can do it on, but we also provide tools for dApps to enable cross-chain swaps.
On top of that, Rubic’s app and our cross-chain widget provide fiat-on-ramp services, making crypto easy to access and buy.
Rubic’s functionality can be implemented by any crypto project willing to become interoperable, with an easy-to-install widget and fully customizable SDK. Today, 130 out of 2,150 live dApps currently operating on the market have become interoperable with Rubic, which accounts for 6% of the total number of live dApps on the market.
We plan to expand Rubic’s dApp share and reach 25% of the total number of dApps in 2023.
Rubic’s tech remains sustainable and secure: we never keep the user’s funds on our frontend, and every transaction is conducted via API by sending calls to providers’ smart contracts.

Rubic’s Value Proposition

With liquidity being distributed over different chains, cross-chain technology becomes a necessity rather than a trend. Today, the blockchain space lacks a viable cross-chain infrastructure to interconnect all crypto projects.
Developers spend weeks and months making their dApps interoperable across chains, researching and integrating cross-chain bridges, signals, oracles, and Layer 0 networks that are not unified. This makes the overall development time-consuming and expensive.
Rubic is the ultimate solution for users and projects that seek to harness cross-chain, aggregating blockchains, bridges, and DEXs. Rubic is the all-cross-chain-solution aggregator for users and dApps: token and NFT bridges, signals, oracles, and smart contract executors.
For example: - Now, by implementing Rubic into your project, users will be able to swap tokens and NFTs for any of 15,500 assets (including fiat payment methods with 250+ currencies) across EVM and non-EVM chains, without leaving your website. - Your project will be able to communicate with other networks in a variety of ways, regardless of what blockchain they’re built on.

Business Model

Our future revenue model is to be based on several streams:
  • Revenue share with bridges
  • Blockchain integration fees
  • Transaction fees
  • Protocol / SDK Subscription fees
  • Project / Widget Custom fees

Rubic's Route to Market

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