Rubic Documents


On Rubic, you can swap 15,500+ tokens across 40+ blockchains in one click. Due to the aggregation of 90+ DEXs&bridges, Rubic provides efficient transaction routing and speed, and the best rates.
  • Rubic is fully decentralized and no KYC is required.
  • Security is a priority for Rubic. 24/7 support is granted.
  • As opposed to bridges, you will always have sufficient liquidity for swaps.
  • Your funds always stay in your wallet and never on
  • Transaction time takes from a couple of seconds up to maximum 3 minutes.
You don’t need to use single cross-chain bridges and DEXs to migrate your funds. No need to spend money on high fees. With Rubic, everything goes easily:
  1. 1.
    Connect your wallet.
  2. 2.
    Choose a source token and a source network.
  3. 3.
    Choose a target token and a target network.
  4. 4.
    One click and the swap is done!

Why swap with Rubic?

As an experienced cross-chain platform, Rubic elaborated the unique features that make user experience even more pleasant:
🟩 Receiver Address
You don’t necessarily swap the funds and send them to your own wallet. You can type in any wallet address to get the funds on when swapping.
🟩 ​​My Trades
You can always check and keep track of your transactions in “My Trades” section.
🟩 Adjustable Gas Fees
If you want to pay more or fewer gas fees, you can always change it in settings. However, mind the speed: Rubic chooses the most appropriate gas fee for you to keep the swap fast and seamless.
🟩 Provider Choice
On Rubic you can choose a preferred cross-chain provider, after the transaction route has been calculated. Providers are displayed in a real-time manner, and you can choose the fastest provider, the most cost-efficient one, or you can simply opt for the best provider suggested by Rubic.
🟩 Liquidity Split
Coming soon.
See how Rubic stands out from the competition.