Cross-Chain Swap Protocol commissions
For Cross-Chain Swaps, the user is charged with two commissions: a Network Fee and a Protocol Fee.
Network fee in the source and target network:
  • A network fee in the original source network is charged as a standard transaction fee and is displayed in the wallet extension. It consists of exchanging user tokens to USDC via a DEX, and sending the received USDC to the Cross-Chain Routing Liquidity Pool.
  • A network fee in the target network is charged as a contract interaction in the native currency of the source network. In the target network, the contract exchanges SUDC from the Cross-Chain Routing Liquidity Pool for user tokens via a DEX and sends them to the user. The cost of this transaction is converted to the native currency of the source network.
The main cost of the transaction consists of swaps for DEXs. It directly depends on the current value of gas prices and routing.
The current gas price is the value from the network. We can't influence this factor, as it is inherent to the network. If the current swap fee is expensive for a particular DEX like Uniswap, then Cross-Chain Routing, to or from Ethereum, will be expensive.
Protocol fee is a constant value set on the contract. It is charged in the target network's USDC. Does not depend on the size of the swap. At the moment, we charge 0.3% commission , where 0.2% goes to Staking and Liquidity Providing participants and 0.1% goes to Rubic.
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